Dinner Mate Episode 4

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10 Comments to “Dinner Mate Episode 4

  1. So, this ex-jerk came back, impose himself in her job place, make her lose her show and probably her job… and that is love? Fucker!

  2. This drama is good, it makes me want to be a character of such. The drama shows that destiny is at the palm of your hands. huhuhuhuhuhuhu. But reality isn’t how the drama looks like. ::(

  3. The only disappointment with this drama is that we had to see Seo Dan and Seung joon from CLOY as a couple who broke up

    1. Actually, he just looks like him. It’s a different guy. Although, I think they capitalized on that. They had the same mustard-beige overcoat. Pretty smart move, I guess.

      In any case, it’s a nice show. Will definitely continue watching this.

        1. That’s how the director made him so that our craziness in their chemistry in CLOY will vanished so that we can see the chemistry of the two leads in this drama. In simple terms, they made it like that so that we can appreciate the two leads and forget the chemistry in CLOY.

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