Dr. Brain (2021)


An emotional journey that follows a brain scientist who is obsessive about figuring out new technologies to access the consciousness and memories of the brain. His life goes sideways when his family falls victim to a mysterious accident, and he uses his skills to access memories from his wife’s brain to piece together the mystery of what actually happened to his family and why.

Adapted from the webtoon “Dr. Brain”.

Director: Kim Ji Woon [김지운]

Also known as: Dr.브레인 Dr. 브레인 알파로메오 미스터 로빈 닥터 브레인 Mr. 로빈 Dakteo Beurein Miseuteolobin Miseuteo Robin Mr. Robin Doctor Brain Mister Robin Alfa Romeo Alpha Romeo


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

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Dr. Brain (2021) trailer

6 Comments to “Dr. Brain (2021)

  1. Damnnn..the story👍👏
    The actor ajhussi bravo!!
    The effects👍
    its like a US series type of plot..
    Just amazing👍👍

  2. loved it..truly amazing for just 1 episode!!! wanna c more… wen r rest of the episodes coming out? Also, pls do put subtitles for upcoming episodes as well (personal request).

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