Eve (2022) Episode 1

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23 Comments to “Eve (2022) Episode 1

  1. In the last moment I just choked and gasped up?
    Bro the worst two persons from snowdrop is doing difference new drama and playing the villain roles again

  2. I wonder…. Why the mafia would beat the crap out of him when they have his wife and daughter in the same room if they wanted him to sing some BS documents or whatever….
    I mean… They always portrait cops like the most incompetent creatures in the multiverse but this punks are way more useless…

  3. I just finished EVE and that was one intriguing first episode. As expected from Song Yea Ji. However I did notice one mistake though, the director forgot that she was supposed to have a flower tattoo on her back during the intimate scene. Other than that, it’s bomb. Anyways, can’t wait for the 2nd episode.

    1. I think they covered it with makeup since she needed to perform and need to look elegant rather than being criticized.

    2. Maybe they intentionally covered it, because she had to dance and tattoos are consindered a taboo on the public eye (in Korea)

    3. At first, I thought that as well, but then it hit me. South Korea is a conservative country so I think she hides her tattoo with makeup, otherwise, she will get judged for having a tattoo.

    4. Sometimes when dancers/ artists are performing they are required to cover their tattoos with makeup. She could be doing that..

    1. I think it was covered with make up or something as showing the tatoo would spoil the whole plot at that point because the tatoo was a disguise for her back scars. So i think it’s was all part of the whole plot so as not to give too much away too early. Excellent Job!

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