Eve (2022) Episode 13

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19 Comments to “Eve (2022) Episode 13

  1. I actually feel a little bad for him. he’s crazy for her and cant stop loving but cant be with her either. their families deserve it but i hope the two of them heal from their past and find peace

  2. So Kang Yoon Kyumg is a women beater??? OHHH HHELLL NAH. Put him in the dusty pack. How dare him. And La El, this was an opportunity for her to face him proudly but instead , she gets over taken like this? she will never be the person she sees in her dreams/nightmares.

  3. I really wish she could beat people ass just like the girl from my name, I wouldn’t be so worried about her if I knew she could defend herself because the chairman is not done yet he’s gonna whoop her ass again.We need to hope that she’s gonna get rescued or that she will held her own with him cause that man is mad.

  4. Look Lee ra el is in huge danger now that the chairman kang know everything.This all company is supposed to be Lee ra el inheritance they are all bad people the chairman kang knew that han so ra family are terrible and that they do terrible things to people he decide to ignore it which means that he’s just as bad so y’all better not defend him.He deserve everything he got from Lee ra el.So she better not end up with man who can beat her up like that.

    1. yeah same…. i wish she told him about everything though, feel like it would’ve softened the blow. I was so scared when he threw her damn, i hope they work it out and it comes out that he had nothing to do with it.. Was it not So Ras father who killed her dad though cos the man who murdered him worked for her father, no? and that same guy who killed her dad only joined LY after the fact so i don’t understand why he has the contract and is supposedly the one who committed it

      1. Your right he shouldn’t have the contract in the first place the one who killed her father should have it unless their could be a huge twist and turns out that he is also responsible of her father’s DEATH

  5. Wooh! Intense, tho I hardly understand what they’re saying. I’ll just watch it again when the subtitle is up.

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