Eve (2022) Episode 6

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14 Comments to “Eve (2022) Episode 6

  1. So ye jin and Lee sang yeob has a great chemistry.. Whenever they are together i sense that urge in them..
    If So ye jin and Park Byung Eun end up together then her revenge will not make any sense and it will be that typical enemy to lovers story

  2. dont know if i like where this is going ( i mean the love triangle) i really wish the drama becomes unpredictable and focus more on Eves revenge than turning out like old revenge kdramas here they fall in love with ones they want to take revenge on ….overall its a goood drama i love it

  3. I really want Seo Ye Ji and Park Byung Eun to end up together. Their chemistry is so much better and if the show ends up pairing her with Lee Sang-Yeob then it would be wayyyy too predictable. Please let the twin flames stay together till the end!

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