Eve (2022) Episode 7

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18 Comments to “Eve (2022) Episode 7

  1. omooo things are getting intense! I’m so loving this drama. y’all should go in guns blazing so I can sit back here and be eating my popcorn.

  2. I am not getting Yeji’s character fully..but if she falls for that chairman then it will be disaster.. I will definitely hate that ending
    But i feel sad for Bo Ram

    1. Same I feel so bad for Bo Ram too… I wonder if her method of revenge is worth (eventually) hurting that little girl. Was she also just a pawn for her revenge? Does she plan on abandoning her? Its too sad 🙁

  3. honestly i love seo yeji acting but am curious what will happened to the characters like will she succeed and why she is revealing herself so sooooonnnnn am scared

    1. I guess she will, because in the first episode we saw that the chairman divorced his wifeor something, and everyone was aware of him having an affair

  4. That ending funny af. “RUN”

    And also, I really don’t like what Kang Sun Bin is doing. A lot of people will get hurt.

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