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28 Comments to “Eve (2022) Episode 8

  1. I don’t get lee lael’s intention also I feel really bad for her husband he got these puppy dog eyes and seeing him get teary and sad makes me feel terrible also the kids in this drama seems to disappear all at the right moments.

  2. i find it crazy that when she was cheating for years but the one time she finds out her husband is cheating all hell broke loose.

  3. The only sane person i find in this drama is assemblyman seo , even the female lead is insane, well i would go insane too if i had such childhood experiences, but i really ship them both, writer nim please give us a happy ending 🙂

  4. Wawu. La El no get fear o😂. See the way she’s teasing her. In this whole thing, she’s the piper and everyone is dancing to her tunes

    1. Same here!!
      They are trying to force a fated love story line with the other man because they both happened to be in Spain at the same time several years back. I don’t like it.
      How can a man claiming to love a woman be OK with her still going back to her husband every night? I mean, who would be OK to share? I’m not feeling the chemistry they are trying to force between La el and the married dude plus the story is moving super slow for me. I thought by now the people who hurt her dad would be suffering.

      1. seriously I think the story is moving fast actually. It’s only ep 8 and she already exposing herself that she is cheating with the chairman. They would be suffering when the drama close to the end. Also idk if you acc pay attention but it’s not just the Spain thing that connects them together. It’s the scars and traumatic pasts that they both shared of losing their parents as they got murdered terribly and the revenge that each one of them is carrying out. And to your question as to “How can a man claiming to love a woman be OK with her still going back to her husband every night?” he literally told la el’s husband he could easily get them to divorce in court and he doesn’t care as long as she is with him. And ofc he wanted to keep their relationship a secret cuz he knows if Sora finds out, she would kill her like those women whom she thought were involved with him. Maybe you just simply do not like him but they do have chemistry:)

  5. I can’t understand why she can have an affair with her bodyguard but her husband can’t have an affair with a woman that’s prettier than her.

    1. Han so ra is really crazy.
      She is the real cheat here….she is cheating with the bodyguard, so why get furious with the husband.im not saying cheating is good but she shouldn’t be throwing stones…
      She hasn’t been caught that’s why is acting like a Saint.

  6. I don’t understand why everyone is loosing interest.I think now is the moment where it gets exciting.I also think that yeji looks amazing,like she always do.

  7. I am losing my interest from this drama…I am only liking Mr.peyong here..
    Yeji’s make up artist need to know she isn’t that much pale..her make up looked disgusting with that green dress

    1. disgusting is a strong word and no she looks amazing. good that you are losing interest, we don’t want to see your disgusting comment in the future episode anyway^^

  8. I can’t take this drama seriously anymore hahaha, still having so much fun watching tho! They are really taking common sense and kicking it over the cliff down into the canyon (no one at this company find it weird that this random lady showed up with all these high level corporate business plans? No one at all? Remarkable)

    1. Only the chairman knows it was La El’s plan, and when he asked her how she got this idea she said her major was business or smthing like that

  9. wow ep8 was fun . she was about to kill her own husband in her bed . and top of it she had affair with her own bodyguard.
    this is one of the most fun drama ever.

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