Eve (2022) Episode 9

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21 Comments to “Eve (2022) Episode 9

  1. She so fine, Seo ye-ji stay winning in every drama I love her so much and fuck that dumbass bodyguard he needs to be delt with. he’s hot for what reason, being strong along by that crazy bitch. Guess beauty doesn’t equal brains.

  2. Honestly, Its quite ironic that she calls her a crazy psycho. And the bodyguard is so pressed for what, I’d really like for him and So Ra to get caught.

  3. She sacrifices her youth and her soul for useless and ungrateful people.
    She’s honoured to be a devil the most beautiful devilest ever. what goes around comes back ! Eve’s strength in mind and willingness to do something what matters it takes. I’m crazy about this drama ?

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