Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022) Episode 13

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35 Comments to “Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022) Episode 13

  1. If they kill attorney Jung I will riot. He is the best character in this drama, I like him much better than the main couple.

  2. Jun ho’s brother in law was in ” Dr.romantic” kdrama and there he always talk about his wife but we couldn’t see who is his wife now we can see who is his wife😂
    Nevermind my comnt i’m just happy to see him here… He was a hilarious but good Doctor there🤗

  3. OMG THEY SAID THEY SHOULDNT DATE WHY T-T. That sister doesnt know anything, Why did she have to say such kind of thing… I hope Attorney Jung is also alright T-T SO MANY SAD THINGS HAPPENING

  4. Bro Junho’s sister literally get out!!! LET THEM BE HAPPY OMFG IM CRYING. Also Jung myung u better survive, HE WAS SO HAPPY TO GO ON THE TRIP WITH HIS FIT 🙁 Also attorney kwon and choi soo-yeon IM HERE FOR IT THE CHEMISTRY LOVE AND HATE. But dong geurami deserves someone too!

  5. What in the world is going on? So many twists and turns in a single episode? They better not kill him in the drama.😑😑And I know they will end up together in the last episode even though they break up now so I Won’t be too concerned about them for now of course unless it is a sad ending.

  6. Everyone watching this play, I will also recommend you watch “adamas” it is also aired every Wednesday’s and Thursday’s

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