Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022) Episode 14

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26 Comments to “Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022) Episode 14

  1. i dont know who writes the plot but its like they dont know how to make it in a smooth and professional way what the hell are they pushing with the sudden whitewashing of kwon or whatever he is whats upp woth the sudden side romance line??? what the fuck is that??? and i hate how they just cut off the important parts of main romance line relationship and just dont talk about it. also i rooted for both of the CEOs bc they seemed to be badass women and we dont have much badass strong women in representation but now all of them are bad. hello?? tysm very appreciated. bruh

  2. Attorney jung should live pleaseeeeee…dont make it a sad ending we will all cry !!!!

    And they should get back together! Young woo

    And…the fact the everyone hating Att min woo but the 2 girls falling for him bahahaha it’s just crazy so far loving this drama but fingers crossed it will have a happy ending….dont make me cry!

  3. Youngwoo’s dad calling Junho “that punk” always gets me lol also, the reason for their break up and Junho’s reaction hurt, man, that’s some acting right there. And I totally understand Youngwoo’s reasoning but I wish she was blunt about it, just like she was about her liking Junho.. but the writer’s need the pain to drag a little I guess, lol aaah I really hope they do end up together.

    What’s with Sooyeon suddenly liking Attorney Kwon, come on 😒… he might have a good side but when the truth comes out about his wrongdoings, it’s gonna get ugly, I’m afraid.

    And finally, to the writers, please let Attorney Jung live, I love him😭😭😭

    Now I wonder.. are all the stories really gonna have a conclusion in just two episodes? hmmm

  4. im so sad about jun-ho and young-woo’s breakup, and su-yeon and min woo……..no way. so sorry for ra-mi btw. and attorney jungs wife is so pretty, I feel so bad for him, I pray nothing happens to him. and the preview is giving me chills……….

  5. Bro you know what forget kwoon he kinda fine BUT THE CEO OF HANBADA OR WHATEVER THE NAME IS?! AND THE BISH U SHOWED AT THE COMPLETE END?! Bro at least ask young woo if she wants it to be revealed as it could be a bad thing for her as for sumi idc. But that asshole who dared to call young woo of that case is getting on my nerves also cant believe its ending so soon and jun-ho isnt back together with young woo i hope this is gonna have a happy ending bruh. Kinda sad for young woos bff that she doesnt have a partner in this kdrama even though she wouldnt be bad with mr hairy ngl they are my fav duo “is it me or angel” so cute how she called her angel

  6. Lee junho’s reaction was so pure because he loves her so much ik they won’t breakup and also I hope that attorney Jung will be recover:) don’t know what will happen to woo:)

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