Extraordinary You Episode 12

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8 Replies to “Extraordinary You Episode 12

  1. Me too for real, I know Haru might the sweet one, but when it comes to Kyung, I feel like he is the most heartbreaking one that has everything was taken away from him, which makes him so cold.

  2. Baek Kyung is the most depressing charachter a person can be….It literally breaks my heart to peices.. And I can truly understand why he acted so cold to people…

  3. I don’t know why i chose baek kyung than haru..i’m supposed to like a main lead of this drama but i can’t help myself to fall for baek kyung😂 i am truly felt sad for baek kyung poor my baby😩

  4. Wtf guys? Haru is so dreamy. Kyung even off stage is a pain in the ass, he treats Dan Oh like she’s an object, I know his life is hard, but everyone else’s life is. Anyway, i’m so worried about what will happen next, i NEED a happy ending <3

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