Forecasting Love and Weather (2022) Episode 2

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12 Comments to “Forecasting Love and Weather (2022) Episode 2

  1. “Be my guest and go to Geneva, you asshole” is my new favourite line in this series. xDD. That line is rare and awesome, it rolls of the tongue too, ahaha.

  2. OMG i really REALLY hate what she did. CAN GIRLS PLEASE STOP SLAPPING AND HITTING MEN. It doesn’t make it okay just bc you are a woman.

    And he has the right to demand half of the apartment since its his freaking money

    1. It’s not his money. She explained his part accurately. What he did is shameless. He is at the fault here. He is trying to take what she paid.

    2. that dumb for you to say. He cheated on her and scammed her. He deserves more than slaps. And he didn’t even pay much of the house deposit. She did
      Theyve been together for 10 years cmon

    3. So, what he did is ok because she’s a woman: cheated on her own bed, scammed on her own money, looked down ’cause she was more succesful than him… what she would have give him, applauses? Think again, one slap is nothing.

  3. The chemistry is off the roof!! As expected from Song Kang and Park Minyoung. I love the pace so much, guess I don’t have to wait till ep8 for the leads to hold hands anymore

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