Gangnam Scandal Episode 114

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2 Comments to “Gangnam Scandal Episode 114

  1. Oh yes…and the trash dad and stepmom will get suddenly transformed without consequence as well….just wait. Korean fantasy reigns supreme.

  2. The thing I HATE about KDramas is the absurd “forgiveness” of evil people with the pretense they suddenly repented or it is all OK because they had a bad childhood or whatever. That reaction happens no where in real life it violates human nature. Mercy without justice just means that the victim pays the price for the crime. That isn’t a “happy ending,” it is a silly, nonsensical, pie-in-the-sky, unbelievable trash script. The continued trust and sympathy to “Hong Becky” is soooo ridiculous. That isn’t compassion, it is stupidity. Come on, writers, get real. Nobody would respond like that unless they were a mental case…NOBODY!

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