Gangnam Scandal Episode 83

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One Comment to “Gangnam Scandal Episode 83”

  1. Acting in this drama is unusually mixed from outstanding to poor. The acting of most is in the middle, but the acting of the male lead antagonist (secret son) is absolutely amazing! He has been able to express a wide range of emotions with just facial expressions without resorting to screaming in every scene, as most of the others do. On the other end are the two young female leads, whose acting is bad to terrible. The acting of the young female antagonist (Esther) is the worst. Since her looks are not star quality, how she got this role is a mystery. In spite of some fails by some actors, this drama has been good, but at about Episode 70, the plot began to drag badly. The continuing displacement of ten of interest has gotten ridiculous and tiresome. The issue needs to resolve and the plot needs to move on. Constant fails in resolving have made the storyline go from intrigue to burdensome.

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