Gangnam Scandal


This drama tells a story between a poor woman who lives in a dream of Cinderella and a rich man who has no interest in serious relationship.

Eun So-Yoo (Shin Go Eun) is a stylist. She struggles to make enough money for her mother’s surgery. By chance, she meets Choi Seo Joon (Im Yoon Ho), who comes from a rich family. So-Yoo pretends to love him for his money, but truly falls in love with him. However, Choi Seo Joon doesn’t believe in true love and seems to be more interested in playing around. Soon it turns out that Choi So Joon has an incurably disease.

Airs from November 26th, 2018 Mon – Fri @ 8:30 KST

Also known as:강남 스캔들 Gangnam Seukaendeul


Status: Completed

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5 Comments to “Gangnam Scandal

  1. I love the story line – love conquers all! I like how the Choi Seo-joon and Eun So-yu’s characters complement each other. On the acting, I feel that Choi Seo-hyung and Bang Soo-kyung’s characters are OTT to the point of becoming a little bit annoying. The drama, however, did make me cry, especially the last few episodes.

  2. Plot continues to drag horribly and acting is a bust. I am giving up on dramas that have more than 30 episodes. Have seen enough to know that the problems with minutia, excessive flashbacks, and poor acting are a constant. (I am guessing better actors know the problems and poor ratings with excessive episode dramas and they avoid them as well.) Got better things to do with my time than watch grass grow.

    1. I love the 100+ dramas for several reasons. BTW….these are no different than US soaps that sometimes go on for years and years with the same characters/plots/replots etc., yet millions keep watching them. I like them because they are dailies..Korean households love them because they are dailies…you can skip a few days, then drop in when you feel like it. They also give me something to watch when I am waiting for episodes of weekly shows to watch. Your comment about “better actors” is a bit off the mark. MANY, MANY, MANY top actors do dailies.

  3. This is a pretty good storyline, but it has too many episodes. The plot drags badly and episodes are filled with tiring minutia typical of every drama that exceed about 30 episodes (16-24 seems to be the right range for good dramas that don’t drag). Acting is mixed from excellent to ROFL (the hysteria, and especially the quivering lip, of the antagonist mom is a side splitter. Her overacting and the dragging plot the worst parts of the drama.

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