Gaus Electronics (2022) Episode 5

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16 Comments to “Gaus Electronics (2022) Episode 5

  1. Ppl not being able to resolve minor conflict through peaceful communication is a microcosmic representation of why the world is at war.

  2. Hey, subber here. The subs will come out when they come out, stop busting our balls. We also have a life, thank you.

        1. Nop. I have the right to speak up. And as long as someone isn’t spewing insults, its okay. If people can’t handle that, it just means you are weak lol

          1. You can speak all you want, but that won’t make the process faster. This is a free (and illegal) service, so we take our time since we do not get anything in return. If you guys can’t understand that then it is your problem, and your weakness as well. Good luck.

          2. STFU SOFIAA i’mma knock ur bitch ass out!!!
            Get the hell outta here Desperate kiddo!!!
            And tell ur Mum i said “Hi”

          3. Hey Karen, I mean Sofia! It is not about being weak, it’s about being considerate.

            And yes Karen, I mean Sofia! These people have a life too so the least that we could do is to be patient for when the subs to get uploaded. Besides, they don’t get paid for it.

            And lastly Karen, I mean Sofia! If you can’t wait, why don’t you hire someone that would do it for you. Or learn the language yourself and stop being an entitled bitch.

            Typical Karen!

          4. You really have a lot of nerve. It’s a free service – dramas that just came out and you are bitching about a free service not being at your beck and call. Go pay for a service & shut your face.

      1. Stfu Sofia! You have no rights or anything. You are riding this free app then you demand a subtitle right away? What a thick face you are.

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