Golden Garden Episode 24

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4 Comments to “Golden Garden Episode 24

  1. nice episodes! nan shik and her dtr sabina are two of the most wicked/mean/greedy in this character! i’m so glad chairwoman jin is quite strong & determined to kick her out of their family! sabina won’t even acknowledge her own son whom she abandoned 12 yrs ago!

  2. that woman nan shik & sabina are two evil characters in this drama, full of greed! i’m glad that chairwoman was very strong and determined to kick her out from their family! her son is too weak!

  3. Anyone besides me getting tired of false claims about English Subtitles on this site? This has happened so many times this week, it can’t be accidental. Yet if deliberate, what is the point, since the lie is exposed in one click. It is very annoying to settle in to watch your favorite drama only to find they lied about the subtitles. Grrrrrrrr!

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