Golden Mask (2022) Episode 7

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3 Comments to “Golden Mask (2022) Episode 7

  1. this show is already so heavy against the MC… girl wake the fuck up
    holy shit if if that trash mother wants a sky fox show her a sly bitch fox FFS

  2. i said i would never get married however if i happen to change my mind in the future . i swear on god that i would not accept those disrespect from no stupid in law because the moment someone disrespect me i would beat the shit out of you. and also i don’t think that any men worth of me getting disrespect for you just so u could cheated and slept with someone your mother want you to be with because of social class.

    1. Honestly this drama is crazy I’m still waiting for so yeon to react she can’t just let this happen to her.Also that guy at the classmate reunion plotted against her just because he got rejected this is so wrong.So yeon get it together return with new personality and beat all of them up im waiting for this moment.

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