Good Casting Episode 10

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3 Comments to “Good Casting Episode 10

  1. I have not watched ep 10 yet. So, I am not giving away any of ep 10 data.
    As a viewer, I feel so frustrated with the ethics. I know it is all acting, so my frustration is in that context. Thank you, Subbers! You’re keeping up a good pace.

    Why did the mother not tell the others about the blackmail? They could have worked to build up her cover and also catch the baddies sooner. How “deep” is the corruption and how can that not leak out into the public? Why do “all” security chiefs not suspect the director? Are they clueless? How can the security men not keep 100% watch, or set up a system in which one is “on” and one is “relaxed”. Why are security guards “bought” with a meal and then let a former coworker into security matters. Even if he’s a goodie…is he?! Why were the guards playing on their cell phones? Kids can’t even use them in class. These guys were on duty. How could they be so lax? Why don’t they change the cover of the laundry truck, it’s become a familiar sight now. Why is the mother, who is a wiz on the computer being made to go out into the field. This isn’t Charlie’s Angels! The current director of the three girls should change places with the computer wiz mom. He is useless as a viewer in a laundry truck. But, as an actor, he’s awesome!! The plot is being developed, but the errors are overtaking the plot. So, the writers need to make this a lot more believable, even if it is a thriller. It has so much potential with such a great cast. So, I am watching it, but frustrated with the growing ineptness and mistakes that cause losses and a lower plot standard. It’s been done too many times.

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