Grid (2022) Episode 3

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3 Comments to “Grid (2022) Episode 3

  1. It’s simple as to why she doesn’t want that guy to be in jail,
    There maybe a future that is worse if that guy is imprisoned.

    And Janitor alive will never make the boy become who he is in the present.
    (Just like Peter Parker, when his Uncle Ben died).

    1. It does make sense, Saeha won’t be so eager to find the “ghost” if his father had not die. And also, if the guy that they are trying to catch is already in jail, there might be a chance that if he gets out of jail after he’s time sentence (the months/years that he’s in jail) is done, he might take revenge or something even worse. Maybe the “ghost” already knew what was going to happen in the near future that’s why she’s trying to change the events that are happening. Finally, I think the janitor has got something more to do about the project about the grid or he might know something about it that has to be kept confidential.

  2. The girl is from the future and that guy probably her father.. or maybe someone she wants to kill for revenge

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