Grid (2022) Episode 7

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8 Comments to “Grid (2022) Episode 7

  1. The most thrilling drama in ages, keeps you on the edge of your seat, mostly getting brain ache from all the possibilities but loving it. I wish there were double episodes 1 each week is not enough. It’s just sooooooo good.

  2. still confused but two things are clear after looking back upon it:
    1. Sae Ha is the son of the scientist and not the janitor as we were initially led to believe and as Sae Byeok also assumed
    2. Ma Nok, the murderer, is most probably the son of the janitor, which is why the ghost is looking after him, out of guilt

    there were several paradoxes here that were contradictory, like his younger self on the phone with his father while he time-travelled to the past, but also him assuming his position with the family in 2021, without the other him in sight (or was it because he was supposed to be “that” him in such instance – with him having returned to his present in 2021).. anyway time-travelling rules and logic can really make the brain hurt.. dont even understand why he bothered trying to save the people in that factory when he could’ve just gone back in time again..

    and what’s the reason behind the ghost disappearing? was it because he changed the past and affected the future where the ghost had come from in the distant future? couldn’t he time-travel to an earlier instance that the first time he went back to get the code from the ghost before she disappears? but aren’t the realities also supposed to split up and create several alternate timelines which shouldn’t affect each other?

    there were also inconsistencies with the time the ghost arrived in the past when there should have been no changes yet.. the first time it shows that she arrived after the janitor went out of the room, but in another instance, Sae Ha welcomed her into the room before the janitor even peeked out of the room.. there shouldn’t have been any butterfly effect yet..

    the original event that happened in the past has not been explained/ shown to us yet – the reason why the ghost initially had to kill the janitor.. wonder if it is even the original event or already the best she could come up with to safeguard the present/ future after several failed attempts like what Sae Ha should currently be undergoing now.. would be too tragic and predictable, if in the end, he would have to do what the ghost did in the first place to put everything back into place..

    sometimes the tone gets quite boring, really not fond of the sci-fi dystopian genre as well.. but the mystery has kept me going until now.. really hope it wont disappoint in the last 3 eps..

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