Happiness (2021)


An apocalyptic thriller that takes place in a time in which infectious diseases have become the new normal.

In a newly constructed apartment in a large city where the higher floors are up for general sales and the lower floors are rented out, the drama depicts the subtle psychological battle and the class discrimination that occurs. The city hits rock bottom when an impending apocalypse hits in the form of a new type of infectious disease in which people suffer from unabated thirst.

Yoon Sae Bom grew up in an unhappy household. She is decisive and has fast judgement, and she’s the type to put things into action as soon as she puts her mind to it. Her motto is to live comfortably in the complicated world, but she’s actually a character who can hold a grudge.

Jung Yi Hyun is a violent crimes detective and the female lead Yoon Sae Bom’s former high school classmate, friend, and fake husband. In high school, he drove his baseball team to victory at the high school baseball league and was selected in the second round of the major league baseball draft. However, he had to quit baseball due to a knee injury, and it was Yoon Sae Bom’s sympathy and bravery that helped him get back on his feet.

Han Tae Seok was an information agent while serving in the military, and after being discharged, he worked as an executive at a pharmaceutical company. He is the perfect person for a position dealing with infectious diseases.

Also known as: 해피니스 Haepiniseu


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Air Date: Nov 05, 2021

Genres: , , ,

Starring: ,

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  2. anyone here can you please explain to me why I can’t download a movie on dramacool recently
    I really want to watch this movie

    1. Nah, it’s not that good chemistry wise the main two characters are boring as fuck together… Maybe it’s just me?

  3. I wanna thank the person uploading these so fast, thank you so much, you’re super appreciated, I hope you have a wonderful day ^^!♥

  4. For those that impatient to wait another ep to release, for your information, they only release on Friday and Saturday!

    1. if u look at the time stamps its obvious that 2 episodes are posted weekly so if you did the math or just idk looked at the days it will either be posted tomorrow or saturday.

    2. use ur common sense look at other days on episodes . 2 episodes per week if u looked u would know its either posted tomorrow or saturday.

    1. true2, change that to very good 10000000000000 times and I think this is my very fav zombie apocalypse k-drama.

  5. !! If they continue to post the videos the same way they have been doing it up until now, then the next 2 episodes( ep 7&8 ) will be uploaded on Nov. 26 & 27(Friday and Saturday) !!
    !! They usually always upload on Friday and Saturday !!

  6. Am enjoying happiness sending my greetings to my friends who are here watching with me Aminah, Shamie and our younger Grace

  7. Am enjoying happiness sending my greetings to my friends who are here watching with me Aminah, Shamie and our makne Gracey

  8. Aaaaahhhhh I am already so in love with this drama???can’t wait for the upcoming episodes. This has to be one of the best drama✨✨

  9. I am already so in love with this??? can’t wait for the upcoming episodes this has to be one of my favorite drama✨✨

  10. 1 of my most anticipated kdrama this month and it didnt disappoint me 🙂 its zombie but ofcourse hell of an acting 🙂
    My loves hyung shik? like his bulkiness this time..
    Cant wait for the weekly episodes?

    1. this one is next level♥️ this one is so so goood..!!♥️ waiting for next eps..I really love this drama..!!!♥️♥️xoxoxoxoxo♥️♥️♥️♥️

  11. This drama made me kilig so much,after 5 years Han Hyo Joo made her comeback along with Park Hyungsik.
    First few minutes palang I was already amazed by this masterpiece.

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