He is Psychometric


A fantasy romance story about a guy who is able to read other people’s secrets and a girl who tries everything to hide her secrets.

Lee An (Park Jin Young) is a young man who just gets enrolled in the university majoring in physical education. He appears to be a normal college guy. However, due to a childhood accident, he has the ability to read other people’s secrets when their skin comes into contact with him. He does not know how to properly use his ability and keeps it a secret. Meanwhile, Yun Zhe Ying (Shin Ye Eun) is a transfer student at the same university. She looks perfect, but she is desperately trying to hide her low self-esteem and the pain of her past.

Also known as:사이코메트리 그녀석 / Psychometry Guy / sa-i-ko-me-teu-rl geu-nyeo-seok / That Psychometric Guy


Status: Completed

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34 Comments to “He is Psychometric

  1. This drama is really super exiting..every character in it has its own magic.. the story is really amazing, it is really hard for me to wait for the next episode…the suspense is killing me.

  2. I’m excited to watch ep 13. Idol actors sometime become the best actors.to those who are mocking them, probably who lived a hard life. Stop hating if you can’t appreciate. This drama is good as well as the actors.

  3. The idol actor can’t act at all they should ask some actor To act on it nice story telling but it’s a waste

    1. Director choose him to be the actor on his Drama, so why bother? Just watch it, if u does’nt like it then go watch others drama. They don’t need your negative comments .

  4. OMG it hurts to wath your ult bias with other girls but i hope it will be a super hit drama JINYOUNGIE OPPA ‘FIGHTING”!

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