Her Private Life Episode 5

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10 Replies to “Her Private Life Episode 5

  1. I was waiting for this for so long and you put the subtitles at the top where we can’t see the peoples eyes. That’s the worst place to put subs.

  2. So Kdrama is now following America’s gay lifestyle affirmation? The drift toward more sexual content isn’t wise. Why do you think Americans are watching Korean programming? For many of us, it is because we are sick to death of too much and too deviant sexual content. If you are going to follow the leader, you might want to see how where they are going turns out.

    1. The LGBT+ community is just as deserving to to have their stories told. Please take your bigotry and outdated “values” back to the 20th century.

    2. You don’t speak for all of us. I think it’s refreshing, especially since LGBT+ people in Korea are even more oppressed than in America. Their love wasn’t even sexual in nature. Your hate is not wanted here.

    3. True , and what’s with the gay concept they can’t just keep bringing things like that up like y’all can we have a regular show where gays aren’t included.

    4. I watch K drama exactly because they have a certain amount of innocents. I hope they drift towards the e West values

    5. You think something is sexual driven only because it’s gay? Are you serious? It’s easier an heterosexual content turn out to be sexual way much more easier than an lgbtq theme you know why? Because outdated, and crazy people like you likes to complain, stuff like this is even worse in korea, thats why.So they take much more care of what they show than heterosexual relationships. Don’t fool yourself trying to give the ”sex” card, that’s just your prejudices speaking. I still don’t get why people are so obsessed with such a thing. I wish so fucking much there were BL dramas in Korea, just like there are in Thailand or China. ~_~

  3. How did Deok Mi put her meeting with Shi An in her notebook when she didn’t get it yet from Ryan Gold? Is this a loophole in plot or something? Please enlighten me! 😢

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