Her Private Life


Sung Duk Mi (Pak Min Young) lives a double life, being the gallery curator and the webmaster of a fansite about an idol group member Si An. Because of her fangirl dedication, Duk Mi had to part with several guys. She then decide to devote herself to being a fangirl, rather than dating.

Ryan (Kim Jae wook) is the new director at the gallery where Dok Mi works. He was once an artist, and now he is enjoying a career success as a director. An individualist through and through, Ryan comes to find out about Duk Mi’s double life. He becomes a passionate fanboy of her.

Also known as: Her Personal Life


Status: Completed

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17 Comments to “Her Private Life

  1. Please enlighten me. Deok Mi dropped the notebook before she knew she will meet Shi An in real life. How can she put that meeting in the notebook if she have not gotten it yet?

  2. This drama was so well written and the actors top notch! Their chemistry is amazing. I really appreciate that there wasn’t all that beating about the bush intimate wise. A clear winner

  3. i really love this drama..can’t wait to see ep.9..they have a good chemistry go go Kim Jae Wook and Park Min young…

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