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Drama is set against the backdrop of a hospital setting. A place where birth and end of life are witnessed on a daily basis. Five doctors who are also great friends as students who graduated from the same medical school work in this hospital. The story tell us the situations they deal with constantly as a team regularly.

Also known as: 슬기로운 의사 생활, Wise Doctor Life , A Wise Doctor’s Life , Secret Doctor’s Life, Seulkirowoon Uisasaenghwal , Doctor Playbook , Smart Doctor Living


Status: Completed

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27 Comments to “Hospital Playlist

  1. Finally! I like this drama as if it’s an extension of Reply 1988. You can’t find any villains that will stress you up. Although, most of the scenes were too good to be true, it will still touch your heart.

  2. This is the first medical drama I’ve watched in many many years! It has that ‘Reply 1996’ feels, it’s so heartwarming. Their band practices are so cute, I smile inside and outside :))

    *I recommend it to anyone looking for a real drama that reflects on life – if you are bored of the dramatic, fantastical stories that are mostly half well done, come here.

  3. It’s a heart warming drama…best casting..
    With superb friendship story and I couldn’t hold my self to laugh so loud for some scenes..
    Jo Jung Suk, you are the best ????????

  4. I think dr.jang boyfriend is actually her brother. In episode 9 he said ,meet you at home and I also think dr.jang is also very rich like dr.ahn Jung wan.



    I wish I could be an actress playing opposite him as my LOVE interest…..and GET TO KISS HIM….. OMO, OMO …..

    I would probably have to meet HIS wife in a match up for her beat down, just so I could KEEP HIM and take HIM home for some more gathering TOGETHER with HIM…. LOL !!!!!!

    HE is a WOMAN’s DREAM ….. His EYEs are sooo expressive and HIS total persona is mesmerizing !!!!!! He is a scene stealer who causes his fellow actors to new heights of performance just because they are working opposite HIM….

    I would love to SEE a drama with who I consider the two BEST SCENE STEALERS in current K-DRAMAs , JO JUNG SUK, and Lee Hyuk Soo (working name Lee Soo Hyuk), working along with Ha Ji Won in a LOVE triangle….

    Let the BATTLE BEGIN…. The two males would be phenomenal working against the other for the attention of Ha Ji Won…but, hopefully concluding showing her taking both men as her’s… with them all coming to a blissful arrangement, that leaves no one exiting their triangle of LOVE..

    Wow, that would be Polyandry at its best….. Um, Um, Um….maybe I should write that script…because the writer of 2020 dramas are ‘lacking’ in originality….

    Anyhoos… Up, Ups for the casting director for being smart enough to cast JO JUNG SUK in this project !!!!! This drama will surely win an AWARD !!!!!

  6. Those who are doctors will understand the perspective the drama tries to show. Doctors are human too. There are different kind of specialists each with different kind of personalities. Patients that come to see doctors are also one of a kind. Initially, the drama looks like all over but after awhile, it’s nice to see their friendship. Eagerly anticipating for the next episode.

    1. if you prefer that cheesy romance drama, this is def not your cup of tea.
      but if you’re into a slice of life, realistic, heartwarming friendship drama, this is the right one.

    2. R u kidding me??
      May your life so dull..
      Watch it again..later you will know why this drama is so worthy to watch..
      Except you are a hatred lone ranger

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