Hotel del Luna Episode 11

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9 Comments to “Hotel del Luna Episode 11

  1. Yes I too got it that even ghosts love them. Fake love is the best song😍 bts boys are everywhere 😂💜 I purple you armys 💜 saranghae bts

  2. It feels like it happened to me in before life . Because whenever i watch this kind of story or movie , my heart feels cold and love in same time that makes me confusing . the mostly , when soundtrack starts , my tears flows on my skin without permitting. Sometimes i do like to have relaxing music but some of them have cryptic rhythm that goes deepening to my heart significantly . I unable to control my feelings what i hear when that sound goes.Moreover Do u even guys believe that afterlife or previous being . in my opinion , i do because no one feels the way i feel in my mind . if you feel similair the way i feel ,reply on me . i will be happy for that .

  3. Thank you admins and mods for making it possible for me to watch it anytime and to be able to understand the Korean language, thanks to the people responsible for the english sub tittles and such great kdrama shows and movies you Koreans’ have.It’s what’s keeping me go on and move forward to positive ways to life-very inspiring stories and I could relate to it in real life….
    Once again, Thank You and a million thanks to the staff and members of the show and most especially to this site which really says it all by whats it called.Thank you…moving on to EPISODE 12 now.More power and God bless us all!!!
    정말 고마워요

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