I Hear You


Bei Erduo (Zhao Lusi) is a girl from an ordinary family. She dreams of studying in Japan to become a voice actor. However, her mother wants her to marry a wealthy man, and forces her to go on blind dates. Desperate to raise money for studying abroad, and to help his best friend Tan Lee, Erduo decides to take part in a reality show, where she meets the famous violinist Ye Shuwei (Riley Wang).

Ye Shuwei comes from a family of artists. He was forced to join the reality show because of losing a bet to his nephew. In fact, the real reason he goes on the show is to look for a girl with the perfect ear. Somehow, Bei Erduo and Ye Shuwei end up living together.

Also known as:Zui Dong Yin De Shi 最动听的事


Status: Completed

Release Year:



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  1. Hopin’ Praying for the English Subtitles For this drama in this site to be uploaded soon. Even though I can watch it in youtube. I’m not perfectionist but the resolution and subtitle grammar uploaded for me is not good. Sometimes I think the sub is not even related to what are they saying. We all just want to really watch this. Anyways i love this drama.

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