I’ll Find You on a Beautiful Day


Wonderful Romantic drama that entails trust, pain and forgiveness. The story is set around a small town by the country side.

Hae Won is a normal girl with good morals. She is a talented musician but due to her fear of being taunted by others since childhood made her an introvert. She decided not to display her cello playing skills. She finds her city life in Seoul difficult that she decides to go back to her hometown.

Eun Seop owns a small book store called the “Goodnight Bookstore” in Bookhyun Village. He has a very normal lifestyle that he follows on a daily basis. Reading books and blogging are his pass times. He meets Hae Won in the town and his life changes after she walks into his life.

Also Known as:  날씨가 좋으면 찾아가겠어요, , I’ll Visit You If the Weather Is Good , I’ll Go to You When the Weather Is Nice , If the Climate is Good, I , If the Weather Is Good, I’ll Find You , I’ll Visit You When the Weather Is Nice , I’ll Come by When the Weather’s Good , Nalssiga Joheumyeon Chajagagesseoyo


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39 Comments to “I’ll Find You on a Beautiful Day

  1. I love the concept of presenting this relationship between the characters …..peace intertwined with sadness and hope

  2. its a beautiful story of each ones life.I like the way it has filmed so calm and the background music so sweet.When watching it I feel like I’m in the film itself. and the meeting they held at good night book store is really romantic and cheerful.I want to go to a meeting like that too…that whole village is an one family
    Now I’m into reading too

  3. I do love Eun Seop’s little sister. She is hilarious! She steals every scene she’s in – love that crazy little girl! I do hope she and the boy she has a crush on end up together – and that boy – LOVE the way he is always exasperated with her, but it seems he likes her too. And Eun Seop’s friend who still REALLY likes his high school crush. SOOOO FUNNY! Cast is amazing – it’s so nice to see families that have so much love. Grandpa with little grandson, Eun Seop’s adoptive mom, dad and sister, Hae Won’s aunt (of course she does have an odd way to show her love, but you know it’s there). It makes me happy to watch this show.

  4. The drama has a very beautiful plot and the way it goes slowly is more exciting. The actors are also very good in taking on the character. It makes me look forward to every episode

  5. ?‍♀️ Hey,Eun Seop.
    ?‍♂️ Yes?
    ?‍♀️ I want to sleep with you.
    ?‍♂️ (feeling shocked!then the books twice falling down to the floor from holding)?
    Jay: i love it!?‍♀️?????

  6. This drama is a work of art. It slowly and subtly rolls out, peeling layers like years and allows the viewer to feel and experience the emotions of the actors. I love the slowness which captures the pace of the countryside. Takes skill to make a film/drama like this. Acting is excellent. Seo Kang Joon has really grown as an actor.

  7. i love seo kang joon he acts like an introverts in almost all his dramas and i like this type of man. attractive to me.

  8. So guys, they released an article saying Ep 5 and 6 will air next week, in order to keep safe filming environment in accordance to corona virus spread in Korea :<

  9. At first, this story so slow and quite boring. But after the 3rd episode, it becomes interesting..i cant wait for the next episode. I really hope it will be more interesting and will not turn to fake hopes…

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