Imitation (2021) Episode 6

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13 Comments to “Imitation (2021) Episode 6

  1. It’s too clique
    Also a waste of time to me honestly I expected much better.
    Yujin deserves better.
    I feel like this show is reliant on random events that happen especially before ending credits is it called the epilogue or prologue?
    I hope they don’t do yujin dirty in order to make the selfish lead stand out.

  2. I honestly find these cliques kdramas so annoying.
    The way they portray “romance or crush” it’s kinda annoying and not realistic.
    Also YuJin aka Yunho from Ateez deserves better.
    I can’t take much from this drama seriously.
    They can do so much better with development and better writing.
    This honestly feels rushed.
    Especially when jumping from a fun moment to a serious topic. I can’t take it serious much at all.
    I know exactly what they are going for. It’s just not hitting. I know because random music starts from out of nowhere. It kinda makes it awkward.
    Also what is this a middle school relationship why is he being so selfish. This also goes for the girl why is she so annoying.
    Let go of this crush seriously. He’s so tsudere it pisses me off. Also her not making things clear and being held up on old news is annoying.

  3. À travers ce drama , les fans doivent comprendre l’enfer que les groupes vivent. Ce sont des personnes qui ont des sentiments et veulent vivent une vie normale aussi. Laissez les vivre, ils en ont marre de cacher leurs histoires de peur de perdre leur carrière

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