Invert: Jozuka Hisui Toujoshu (2022)


Adapted from the novel “Invert: Jozuka Hisui Toujoshu” (invert 城塚翡翠 倒叙集) by Aizawa Sako (相沢沙呼).

Original Network: NTV;

Director: Sugawara Shintaro [菅原伸太郎] and Nagumo Seiichi [南雲聖一]

Also known as: invert 城塚翡翠 倒叙集 invert 城塚翡翠倒叙集 Invert: Jozuka Hisui Inverted Collection


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , , , , , ,

Starring: , , , ,

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