Itaewon Class Episode 16

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38 Comments to “Itaewon Class Episode 16

  1. I am not a pushover, I am a businessman, stand up lets talk business. Oh my God park saeroyi you re smth else
    Business is all abt people and trust well said park saeroyi.
    I learnt alot from this movie thanks to the crew who made it possible for this movie th exist. Itaewon class what movie.

  2. this drama is amazing <3 it's such an inspiring story and I would definitely recommend it to someone who has never watched a kdrama before

    1. Thank you for this comment. I was on episode 10 and I will stop there. I can’t believe I waisted my money for that kind of ending🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😥

  3. this drama is very inspiring…Park Seo Joon is always a charismatic and appealing actor…in fairness his team up with kim dami has the right chemistry!!! Congrats to the whole cast including all the staffs…Kudos!!!

  4. Everything became predictable and draggy after the time skip to 2020. It’s like they were using different writers for the last couple of episodes. Ah well, it was enjoyable while it lasted.

  5. a very nice ending…..and a very nice love, rival business episodes. i recommend this to all business man out there.Lol ….youll surely love this story ITAEWON CLASS……5 STAR RATING on this….

  6. This drama was so beautiful!! It made me cry and smile a lot. Saeroyi and Yiseo also have a lot of chemistry….The cast is amazing and I loved the ending.

  7. am going to miss this dambam crew😫 ,park saeroyi you’r so cute ❤️❤️ …meaningful og following your dream and make it happen no matter what 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 …this series won
    congratulations to everyone who make this happen and @dramacool9 too 😘

  8. Thankyou JTBC for an amazing inspiring and motivating story with the outstanding casts, writer, director and everyone who has made the drama this beautiful 💕 Good work everyone.. loads of love ♥️

  9. Thankyou JTBC for an amazing, inspiring and motivating story with the outstanding casts,writer, director and everyone who made the drama this beautiful 💕 Good work everyone.. loads of love ♥️

  10. Please watch “The witch : part one The subversion”. Thanks to that film we can recognise such a good artist kim dami a.k.a yi seo (main cast) in this drama…

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