Itaewon Class Episode 4

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7 Comments to “Itaewon Class Episode 4

  1. Well…. this is called a DRAMA! The cast is really amizing and the plot too. If u are looking for a k-drama to watch with a good ending i wil raccomand you ITAEWON CLASS because it’s just amazing…. i will rewatch it a hundred million times.
    P.S the ending was just perfect, not too slow and not to fast, it was quite balanced.
    This series eventually shows not just the power of friendship, love, twists and sic of power but the real sides of the korean colture too. Estetically it’s a beautiful county but it stills lean on the powerfulls ones, the weak loose and the strong win: they alk about LGBT too witch is one of the arguments that the most of k-dramas don’t bring on surface. I think that this is a role model drama that will inspire the futures ones and will help people to be more open minded.

  2. both women are soooo toxic?????????????????????? cant see myself shipping with neither of them. except if i see some MAJOR character development, its a NO NO FOR BABY SAE RO YI

  3. I ship sae-ro yi and yi-seo. Love the chemistry! It’s getting more and more exciting every episode. Park seo joon’s drama series is just too good. Can’t wait for episode 5 and 6 next week.

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