It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 1

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40 Comments to “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 1

  1. I wanted to take a break from bl and gl series because they’re currently ongoing and I want to watch them when they are completed. Anyway I have seen a few edits of this drama on tiktok and decided to watch it I don’t regret it one bit ? . I’m also thinking about starting to watch Vincenzo and Sh**ting stars so can y’all tell me if they’re worth it ? (Also any kdrama recommendations?)

    1. Vincenzo, strong woman do bong soon 9, Memorist, True beauty, bring it on ghost, these dramas are just amazing i recommend you these dramas to watch and it worth it! Xd

      1. so what if she doesn’t know english? it’s not a language that everyone should know, you’re just being plain fucking rude.

  2. This drama has kept coming back and back again, when I am looking for a drama and for some reason, did not want to see it, but this time, giving it a change and I have to say, that the first episode is amazing and despite how rude she is, I like her lol and it seems to me, that she has good reason for thinking of her father as dead, judging by the way that lunatic father trying to straggle her and it was her father she saw, which shows that he used force and perhaps other disgusting things, which is why she sees him as dead;

    So, our charming lead chap is captivated by her, which I knew would happen, but most interesting, despite her anti social behaviour, she is captivated by him too.

  3. he is so handsome in every angle, she portrays excellently her character. simple drama yet entertaining. i mean it is not too cheesy and an overdone love team, just perfect to viewers’ taste, i will wait til its complete before i watch it fully. i really like this couple

  4. Finally, after sometime got good drama to binge watch which I hope would be equally interesting like TWOM! Im actually waiting for KimSooHyun after his discharged frm military. Just the 1st episode shows potential for a good plot, I think I would continue watching this drama. Its new kind of genre, I feel a sort of nostalgia with My love from the star. His role is kinda enigmatic, & Im curious with how the story unfold.

  5. This drama is really an ART! I love all the illustrations, animations. Dang both the actor and actress are amazing. Looking forward for this drama.

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