It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 10

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20 Comments to “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 10

  1. Fuck everyone in this movie, fuck gang-tae, one time love the other time would not want to love, fuck sang-tae you’re a grown up, stop being selfish even if we understand ya situation… Am not getting what i expect from each episode i watch. Buh the drama is really cool though

    1. the drama is literally about people with mental illnesses and disorders, how could you expect everyone in it to be mentally stable? cuz if that’s what you wanted then you’re clearly in the wrong place.

  2. Why is no one talking about ko mu yung?i mean she is so lonely and trying hard to be ok but no one is there for her. 🥺

  3. I see allll these comments about the little bro and his brother but what about Myoung? I honestly feel the most bad for her. Her approach to stuff is shitty, but that’s only because she never had someone to approach CORRECTLY who DIDN’T run from her before. Then Gamg’s friend is ALWAYS antagonizing her, FURTHER RUINING gamg’s thoughts about his own happiness with Myoung. Myoung gets antagonized by so many people, and the one person who could help her is constantly pushing her away after apologizing, it’s a very bad pattern that hurts me. I hate it.GAMG’S FRIEND NEEDS TO STFU AND SEE FROM A ROUNDER PERSPECTIVE, GAMG NEEDS TO REALIZE HE HAS A LIFE AND WAS NOT MADE FOR SANG, SANG NEEDS TO STOP BEING SO SELFISH AND MYOUNG NEEDS A GOOD ASS HUG AND ALSO TO FIX HER PSYCHOPATIC TENDENCIES

  4. Ugh I am so damn annoyed by sang tae. I mean I know he has autism but this is too much. Like he remembers how his brother left and FYI he did come back and doesn’t remember how he left afterwards.

  5. okay but can i say i really disliked the older brother attitude here, he choose to remember it the wrong way,like hello even if his brother did hesitate,and say those words he came back to save him in the end,and that is the important thing,not to forget that after he was saved ,he left his saviour in the river dying,so i couldn’t really empathise with him apologising to his older brother like this,.he also deserves to be happy on his own common !

    1. I agree with u strongly. The brother is cute but in these episodes hes pissing me off so much. Because imagine gamg tae how pressured and sad and hurt he was in all of his life. He never got the chance to live normally or enjoy himself as the other kids did. He always put his brother and family first. All though hes going through a reough time he never showed his emotions to anyone. Not to mention he came back to save his brother while his brother ran away. He was the one to abandon gang tae

    2. I am on the autism spectrum and also agree with you “strongly” as another said. He made me angry with how selfish he is being.

      My heart goes out to the young brother, because he was, basically made into a slave by his mother, who used guilt to get him to take her place with his brother. For goodness sake, he deserves happiness.

      Plus, older brother even said that his mum treated him better than his younger brother and so it is PERFECTLY natural that a young child, who sees his mother favours his older brother, would wish for his younger brother to die, as she created him that way.

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