It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 15

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22 Comments to “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 15

  1. Thanks to the person who translated language for us non Koreans. Love subtitles and story as well as. Thanks a lot😘

  2. just like that?
    he should’ve stepped and jumped on her body until she breaks all her ribs and spill some organs lol

  3. there’s one question unanswered and not cleared, ” I am very curious to find out how Moon-young’s mom is really still alive, and if she is, how she got out of that basement room, and that bag that was thrown into the lake

    1. This really is just my theory.

      The flashbacks in IONTBO are from the perspective of the characters.

      KMY mom’s fall from the balcony is shown to us through the memories of KMY and her father KDH.

      Her dad was intoxicated on the night of. We also know it was the day he learns he has a tumour in his brain (I don’t remember what the exact condition was). Both factors may have contributed to him doing a shoddy job of disposing the body of his wife who he thought died from the fall.

      KMY was probably 10 or 11 at most. Seeing her dad and mom arguing and seeing the mom crashing and everything that ensues must have been traumatic to her. Her childhood before this incident was also anything but bright. It’s possible that her memory is inaccurate or greatly exaggerated.

      Add to this the final piece of memory KMY is haunted by – Her mother trying to stay afloat in the river, gasping ‘save me’. If her father was successful in throwing his wife’s ‘corpse’ to the river, KMY would not have such a memory.

      I believe, although the mom may have been knocked unconscious, and even may have bled profusely, she may have not died. KDH would have dragged her to the river and thrown her in a box that he thought sank to the bottom of the river. He probably didn’t check too well – she would have been conscious by then and swum up. Young KMY would have followed her father and witnessed all of this. Whether she actually helped her mom out of the water… I doubt it.

      Either way.. She was never sure her mom was truly dead.

  4. Dear Mr Admin. Please take a look download section on xstreamcdn, there seems to be a problem with video not found. Thank you.

  5. Yaaah Oppa! Take responsibility for what you did to my heart. Your making my heart palpitating so damn hard and loud! You can take my breath away from my lungs! Ahh! Your so unfair but I still love you 💕❤️💕❤️

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