It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 4

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31 Comments to “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 4

  1. They used to blank out the swear words, it is so sad that they are not doing this in this drama!

    One part that stood out to me, is that as that father was strangling his daughter and pulled away, the staff were busy attending him and just left her lying there. I mean, she was the one being attacked!

    I know she has an evil streak in her, but I like her realism.

    It is common in life, that the disabled one is looked after and the one who is not, neglected. But, still, my heart goes out to him, as his mother said his birth was designed so he could take care of his brother. I mean: how could a mother say such a thing? It broke my heart, when she left him to get wet in the rain, as she used the umbrella to cover her and her autistic son. But, that son, knows this and wants to make it up to his younger brother. How splendid he is. And what a good actor to portray so well, what it is like to be autistic. I am actually on the spectrum, but no where near as severe.

  2. wow i love this drama, i like the girl personality she is not cutie cutie as other female leads in other drama, her personality is different just like the lead female in hotel del luna. her outfits too are outstanding. the drama is very similar to it’s okay that’s love, even the titles are. Anyway love the couple i hope they will end up together, I will cry if they don’t.

  3. Ep 3… The scenes when she touched his body and grinned to the nurses were so kyeopta and when she growled back at the deer was so hilarious😂😂😂

  4. Loved this drama so much😚😚 The eye contact at the end of 4th episode was so intense. My no.1 drama of 2020. Can’t wait for next episode 😥😥.

  5. I cried like shit for both of em in this ep … it’s just so sad and heartbreaking what they went through TT
    they need to be protected !!!!

  6. Wow another great episode. Love the way she said I love you, it was really funny. The chemistry between the lead is extremely good and the actors are doing a very great job.

  7. The female lead got me in this episode. Started knowing her, I mean her life story that made her what she iis that cold, no emotion and with a devil may care attitude! They’re both good looking with undeniable chemistry.

    Got to wait next exciting episodes.

    1. she actually has antisocial personality disorder as it says in the description of the drama which literally means that she doesnt really follow the rules and normal things in society and people with that disorder dont have as much feelings like we have. We have empathy, joy , sadness etc. but people like that dont really have those feelings so they may come across as cold. Also one more thing this disorder is very poorly named so when people hear the name they will think that it is someone who doesnt like to be around people but that is not what the disorder is it is more like anti social norms, against things that normal people in society will do.

  8. Omggggg I freakin love this drama!!!!!!!!! Just finished episode 4 and now I can’t wait for the new episode anymoreeeeeee…

  9. Yes can’t wait to watch next episode
    This drama is so amazing
    We can’t predict what happen next ; O

  10. too good to be true this drama is amazing, i’m soo in love with the story, probably not now but i’m going to get emotional with their story <3 their a beautiful couple <3

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