It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 5

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29 Comments to “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 5

  1. When will episode 9 be released? Or on what day of the week is each episode released? For those who know pls reply. Thanksss~

  2. Hey everyone, please do not ask for subtitles. This page will continue uploading the episodes and the subtitles as fast as they can. I still think DramaCool is the best place to watch dramas almost everydrama is up here with english subtitles for us. I think translating is very hard, and they doing their best. Please write comments about the drama and or thank them, but not constatly about “where is the subtitle”, “why is isnt up yet” or “how long I have to wait”. I am love this drama very much, I have to wait also for every weekend, and I am also counting back the day, hours and checking if it is up or not.

  3. Ok so I don’t usually start a series till it’s complete but I got so hooked after watching just an episode of this particular one. Now I’m waiting for 6 ?

  4. OH MY GOD! This KDrama is just so good. It is one of the few kdramas what make laugh. like really laugh. I enjoy it so much. The lead actors are just *chef kiss*. The story line is *chef kiss*. The editing, the whole feeling of the drama *chef kiss*. I just really enjoy watch this drama. I am so happy to found this one.

  5. I love this drama, I mean the chemistry and tension between the two main characters is A‐freaking‐mazing!

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