It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 6

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27 Comments to “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 6

  1. She’s literally being haunted by her past traumas. I’ve experienced sleep paralysis before and though it’s almost as scary as what it was portrayed here. I don’t think it’s the same since she was awake when it happened (which is by far scarier).

    That scream of hers was not because of fear but probably because of all the pent up emotions she had. That scene where she says he should run/leave but at the same time she is holding on to him tightly really made me felt emotional.

    A lot of people may not be that “invested” or finding this drama to their taste. To me though it’s a great portrayal of how each of us are fighting our own inner demons and how those around us can really affect our personality since childhood. I like this drama for it’s uniqueness and how deep it is. Definitely not for those looking for a light-hearted drama and “rom-com” moments.

  2. Hooked with this drama now. It completes my weekends. The romance side between 2 leads is unfolding, and its getting exciting coz Kang Tae is meant to stay with Ms. Ko..

  3. Can’t wait the epi.7&8… Sooo ❀️❀️❀️ their chemistry!😘

  4. the part when she told him to leave but he relied that he will not leave her is the answer to all men….a great hypothesis has been made


    In the whole comment I speak about the last 10 minutes but that is the most important part of the epiosde I thiunk, like this 10 minutes is the climax.

    I am going to be honest, this drama story is a very strong. It makes this Kdrama very special from other Kdramas. The lead actrors are very good, I really like their chemistry, and I always can feel what I should because of their acting. So overall this KDrama has a strong place on my favourite dramas list.

    This (6th) episode also was a strong episode. Afterthe half of the episode I really expected, a scene where the femle lead has a breakdown, and the male lead is there for her.

    BUT. I really didn’t like the outcome. It was all good, to the point where she was crying because she saw her mother, and then Gang-tae finds her. BUt for example her scream sounded to me like a zombie scream, and not like when you are scared. The message is good, she is saying that he needs to go, but still garbbing his shirt. But her crying. I can’t feel that she is really crying. I like the actress (Seo Yeji) and I know she is talented, until this point I never found anything wrong with her act, but that point I felt like if I was trying to act instead of her, the outcome would be the same. Also some camera angel at that part felt wrong to me.

    Overall it added to the story, but I didnt get emontional like I feel I had to. Until the scream I was all schoked, and excited for what will happen. I had chills, but when she screamed, I started laughing, and everything was gone. The chills, the excitment, and the atmosphere. So overall it was a good episode but that 10 minutes was bad to me.

    Sorry if I has mistypes, I am really bad at english, but I wanted to share my own opinion about this episode πŸ™‚

    1. i think you’re misinterpreting the scene. her scream wasn’t a scream purely of terror. it was the accumulation of 20 years of pain and suffering she has been hiding from others. it wasn’t a scream but it wasn’t crying, either.

      of course you can think she could have acted differently, it’s your opinion. but i think that she did a good job conveying the deeply complex emotions that she’s been harboring for most of her life. it’s not just “oh she’s scared” or “oh, she’s sad” – her acting was showing us that she is still extremely tormented by her past , despite pretending to be fine irl

  6. Huwaa I am in love with this drama πŸ’“it is hard to wait for the next week😭😭😭

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