It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 9

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29 Comments to “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 9

  1. I know this is hard for GT, but GT should not lie to ST,his hyung can see it even he is autistic..i think MY should not being selfish,when she like GT,she has to accept ST too not only GT..ST just have GT only in his life..i see ST draw the three of them going trip together,MY is also in that painting bc he think MY his Bff.MY should know the situation,the fact that she falling in love with who has autistic hyung and not being,i hope they can make it and live happily

    1. ok but sometimes it’s a different situation when it comes to love. It’s not just MY’s selfish or it’s her fault and I hope u can understand this that it’s just a drama.

  2. the opening reminds me of goblin opening too….and did anyone notice that the female lead played a support role in Hwarang? haa AND this drama is addictive so far

    1. Yes the actress that played Moon Young reminded me of the role she played in Hwarang, as the princess! You’re absolutely right! And I noticed that both of those roles she took are cold characters.

  3. i feel like i want to give sang tae a big slap!! i know that he is not normal but he is not innocent at all he just pissed because he don’t want to be alone but he make my oppa cry!!

    1. Ko moon young would give you a slap and say this back to you. You don’t seem to be paying attention to anything the drama is trying to say besides the romance huh

  4. This series is really dum great i’ve been waiting for its since april, b’cuz of janggyuri my love i already knew this! I watched this for gyul!

  5. NOOOO why did they turn on oh my girl’s nonstop IARGHAFJNBVQ
    it’s been so many times i rewatched the scenes and idk why i still find it s funny lmao

    1. People keeps asking when episodes will be posted so they might’ve felt the pressure of posting without subs yet and plus it’s hard to translate

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