Ji Chang Wook’s 10 Best Kdrama perfomances (2020)

Ji Chang Wook, arguably is the most popular South Korean actor in the industry. He has been working since 2006 and has been associated with very popular dramas like Empress Ki. He is talented, handsome and has a great fan following both inside and outside of Korea.

To keep all the fans happy, we have prepared a list of Ji Chang Wook’s best works so far in Korean Dramas in the last decade. Lets begin!

1. Backstreet Rookie (Upcoming)

Flashback romantic story that is about a guy called Choi Dae Hyun. Choi used to a nice simple kid at high school. But he gets picked on by a bunch of girls. The leader of the female gang is Jung Saet Byeol who used to make him do silly things for her.

Now as an adult, Choi is working at a department store after leaving his desk job. One day Jung Saet walks to get a part time job and she gets it. Her previous behavior of being mean has changed. She is serious and focused to her studies.

Find out what can happen between them

Air Date:  Jun 5, 2020


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2. Mr. Right (Upcoming)

Beautiful lover story between two people coming from different circumstances. Its a story about struggle and finding true meaning to their lives. In the process, understanding each other and loving each other.

Air Date: 2020


Not Yet Released – Check Back Later

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3. Melting Me Softly

Scientific Experiment goes wrong and a couple is left 20 years in a frozen chamber when it should only have been 24 hours. They wake up but with a problem, their bodies cannot survive beyond 30 degrees.

Ma Dong Chan is a successful music celebrity in the country. He is considered one of the most handsome in the industry. Go Mi Ran is just a regular girl with a lot of debt surrounding her.

There is a lottery program for a man and a woman to selected to be part of 24 Hour Frozen Project. The winners will get a prize money. Ma Dong Chan and Go Mi Ran are the selected candidates for this experiment.

Things go wrong, they wake up after 2 decades – they have a lot of differences and arguments but their goal is to survive. Meanwhile, they start to love each other.


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4. Suspicious Partner

Crime drama about a lawyer with eccentrics. Noh Ji Wook is a talented prosecutor who is tough and determined to win cases. Eun Bong Hee joins under him as trainee. She has some experience in martial arts.

They both work as a team to catch a serial killer. Their common passion and desire brings them closer.


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5. The K2

K2 is the code name assigned to Kim Je Ha who is former soldier. He had to run from the law due to an allegation on him. He lands in Korea after his time in Iraq and takes up a job to work as a body guard to Choi Yoo Jin and his wife Jang Se Joon. However, K2 has a personal mission to accomplish which is to go after Park Kwan Soo who leveled the allegations on him.

Go An Na comes into the life of Kim Je Ha with whom he starts having feeling for. She was born out of wedlock. But can their feelings turn to love despite the mission at hand. Find out


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6. The Whirlwind Girl 2

Whirlwind girl 2 is story of struggle and reward. Qi Bai Cao becomes a world champion at martial arts with the help of her coach Ruo Bai. Unfortunately, Ruo passes away and Qi Bai finds herself lost without a guide.

She meets Chang An who is a master at training. Under his mentor-ship, she picks up her determination and leads herself back to success.


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7. Healer

Healer is the pseudonym given to Seo Jung Hoo who is a courier. He serves rich clients for a fee to do anything except killing someone. One such work gets him to meet two journalists, Chae Young Shin and Kim Moon Ho.

In meeting her, he discovers some secrets about his own past that is interconnected with that of the two journalists. He has to now find out the truth with the help of these two.


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8. Empress Ki

Genghis Khan built an empire that spanned vast regions in East Asia and East Europe. And there was one woman who held immense power in the Yuan Dynasty, which Genghis Khan founded, for 37 years. She was neither of Mongol descent nor from the Han Chinese. She came from Goryeo, a small kingdom in the Far East. She was taken to Mongol against her will as a Gungnyeo (palace women) but somehow overcame her lowly status to become an empress in another land. Her name was Empress Ki.


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9. Five Fingers

Five fingers is about the life of In Ha.

In Ha’s family owns a successful business. He is expected to take over the responsibility of running the business. His dreams are shattered when Ji Ho steps into the family to claim right over the business. In Ha’s mother schemes a plan to get rid of Ji Ho.

However, Ji Ho is a kind man who was born out of a wedlock with In Ha’s Father. He becomes their heir to the business and he only wants good for the family as he sees them as his own.

Things change when he finds out the schemes and plans that was in play to destroy him.


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10. Warrior Baek Dong Soo

This beautiful historical drama takes us through the Joseon Period. The King Jeongjo runs the kingdom but a conspiracy sets forth to kill the King and the King’s team of martial artists decides to go after the evil ones.

Find out whether they will be successful in finding the conspirators.


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Hope you liked our list – we wish bring you more such lists in the future.

Do tell us who are your favorite actors and actress in the comments section below.

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10 Comments to “Ji Chang Wook’s 10 Best Kdrama perfomances (2020)

  1. Am I the only one who preference his character in empress ki . He has such a flaw character but it got complemented by his co star (my fav actress)

    1. L-am remarcat ca actor de mare talent în Împărăteasa Ki! După ce am văzut acest serial mi-am dorit să văd un HAMLET jucat de el. Sunt convinsă că ar fi un rol în care poate arăta adevărata dimensiune a talentului său! Probabil cu mai puțini fani dar,… cu un câștig mare în favoarea artei ! Este adorabil în comediile romantice care sunt mai gustate de publicul larg… Pentru că este serios în ceea ce face chiar și atunci când se joacă!

  2. While some of these dramas are better than others, none of them have spectacular storylines. Some are poorly cast apart from JCW, with a few having exceptionally poor FL’s. Many have good ratings more from his personal fans than from well-written and well-executed scripts. I’m sure JCW has his choice of dramas, but whoever is doing the choosing for him needs help. He deserves better.

    1. I totally agreed with you, you had a point with the casting and not executed scripts. For me, he has a great potential with action- romance like Healer ( In my opinion, he`s best one) I really don`t like any of his comedy romance they have some bad casting and not great scripts, as you said.

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