Jun Jiu Ling (2021)


On her wedding day, Chu Jiuling (daughter of former crown prince) discovers that the person who killed her father is her uncle (the current Emperor). Just as she decides to seek revenge, she was almost killed by her husband, an imperial guard. Fortunately, she was saved by physician Zhang Qingshan. Chu Jiuling returns with a new identity – Jun Zhenzhen and assists the Fang family in unraveling the schemes of the Emperor, saving them from becoming victims of a political scheme. With her outstanding medical skills and wit, she then changed her name to Jun Jiuling, and heads to the capital to become a physician. After managing to integrate with royalty, she sets out to unravel corruptions behind the political court and win the hearts of people. Eventually she discovers the truth behind her father’s death and returns justice to him. She developed complicated romantic entanglement with three different men – son of Duke Chen Zhu Zan, nobleman Ning Yunzhao and her ex-husband Lu Yunqi.

Adapted from novel 君九龄 by Xi Xing.

Original Network: Youku;

Director: Xie Ze [谢泽]

Also known as: 君九龄 君九齡 Gwan Gau Ling Цзюнь Цзюлин


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , , , ,

Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Jun Jiu Ling (2021) trailer

5 Comments to “Jun Jiu Ling (2021)

  1. in this drama, i like ep 7 the most. been a peng xiaoran fan since i watched goodbye my princess in netflix. the male lead is charming and funny. it matches the character of dr jun.

  2. Compare to others this is a good drama. Plots and so on. Please have some mercy to make updates in hurry 🥺🥺 please 🥺🥺

    1. Please don’t nag the uploaders. It’s nice enough for them to upload the show for FREE. The have lives too. I think we all need to be patient. If you can’t wait, start another one of their free dramas for you to stream to keep you preoccupied.

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