24-year-old Aki Terade, who works part-time, has no luck finding a permanent job. After she finds her long-time boyfriend cheating on her, she moves out of their apartment and ends up in a sharehouse with her high school classmate, also her first love Tomoya. For the last two years Tomoya has suffered from erectile dysfunction, but he finds himself “reacting” to Aki, and so he asks her to help him be cured …

Also known as:Kakafukaka Kojirase Otona no Share House


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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26 Replies to “Kakafukaka

  1. All watch all 8 episodes at a stretch now wen I gotta know the remaining episodes are yet to upload im worried how long to wait ?.

  2. I think just 10 eps only..coz look at the status below the pic it says episodes completed…urgghhhhh how come,thats the ending…oh come on…

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