Kill It

Also known as: 블루 아이 / Beullu ai / Beulroo Aizeu / Blue Eye


“Blue Eyes” tells the story about a man who becomes a murderer to find his family, and a woman who chases him to avenge his lost lover.

Do Hyun Jin (Nana) grew up in a shelter. She graduated at the top of her class from the police academy and began to work as a detective in Seoul. Although she appears to be cold, she has sympathy for other people’s pain. Hyun Jin is trying to uncover the truth behind the demise her boyfriend, a reporter who suddenly died.

Kim Soo Hyun (Chang Ki Yong) works as a veterinarian who was once a skilled killer. He has the ability to quickly assess the situation, instantly kill and exit. He struggles to develop and maintain any pure relationships around him, however, deep inside, he constantly searches for love.


Status: Ongoing

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