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96 Comments to “KinnPorsche (2022) Episode 7

  1. look as much as im glad that they’re semi working out their issues (?) kinn is on the same old shit😭 he literally talked abt crossing porsche’s line and he just does it all over again…?!*@^#& seeing next eps preview, porsche doesn’t look hurt so i guess they work it out but my man kinn seriously needs to learn boundaries uno

    1. Honestly, if he were SOOO against it, he wouldn’t exactly hug him after they did things. Like it’s different when it’s just raw sex, but here you can feel and see emotions, so I do not precisely believe it’s nonconsensual. it would’ve indeed been more resistance.


  3. like what the fuck, i saw someone comment that they a just playing characters , this thing is demm real . oohh no no no this is too real for me to believe is just acting , that being said everything about this series is just perfect. AM PREPARED TO BE SICK OF KINNPORSCHE. i love it

  4. This episode was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 the action scene omg and the last scene had me rolling kicking and screaming did not expect that at all can’t wait for episode 8 aaa!!!!!! Lets go kinnporsche

  5. The last scene I-
    I WAS SURPRISE LMAO I didn’t expect it now also because everyone can come in this room in every moment lmaoooo

  6. The things kinnporsche is doing to my heart should be illegal😪😫🥰 watching clingy kinn in episode was so sweet, oh how the mighty fall in the face of love lol… and Vegas is one step away from being a fool at this rate🙄😒 stupid rat. I won’t even say a word about that last scene cos what’s there to say… except “Porsche… ah Porsche”☺️😊☺️😊☺️😊😊 now I’ll crawl back to my cave till Sunday, bye👋🏾

  7. Episode 7 is killing me all the way.i can’t wait to find out how this story continues.KINN? MILE absolutely portrayed 100% of kinn’s character,from the pleasure in his face to the love he is feeling with Porsche.Its just amazing how well Apo & Mile get into they’re character when they act.always gonna come back to this.

  8. Looks like the ex is not dead. Maybe the dad paid him off because Kinn was getting too attached. There is gonna be even more drama. This is turning out to be THE best BL drama of all time! Fujoshi approved 😉

    1. I think Kinn didn’t shoot the ex but acted like he did to keep up the image he has. He was willing to let Porsche go when he began to really love him so perhaps he was willing to do that with his ex. Perhaps now the ex shows up jealous or whatever since Kinn is attached to someone knew.

    1. They were fabbing eacher others d*cks, if u want to know how it looks like search for “under the green light chapter 3”

    1. There is a small side story but it isn’t here it is on YouTube though. It shows the 2 after getting to hospital.

  9. Omg!!! This is getting better all the time😻… Its really interesting how will vegaspete story starts, i never paid sm attention to side couple but now im really curious🥴… The way Kinn and Porsche looking into their eyes i feel like its not kinn and porsche but like mile and apo🤭… Waiting for next ep is driving me crazy it feels like a whole year😭… Dramacool thank u very much for watching kinnporsche here i watched many bls here and im really grateful for that<3 u guys saving my life😭💕

  10. vegas was absolutely unbelievable in this episode.. i mean anyone can see from a mile away what he’s trying to do smh. the end scene really confused me? as this is the second time kinn is like making out with proche while he’s drunk. this ep was eh for me, none of them really top ep 6 plus the side story posted on yt

      1. Be on cloud uploaded a side story which is about 8 minutes long on YT few days ago. It’s like a connecting part between last episode and this. You must watch it if you still didn’t because it’s so lovely.

    1. same, last episode was on another level and they were so raw so emotional so romantic. this episode was kinda vulgar?! idk how to describe what i felt while watching but i definitely clicked the fast forward button more than i should. I miss the soft them from last episode like i know this is a side of them too but idk like this episode made it quite obvious that they are “murderers” and i kept thinking about how this wasn’t a place for porsche at all. he is always joking but like he actually is just an a college student working part time at a bar to support his little brother i feel like he was dragged in all of this just because life is a bitch.. i know kinn loves him but honestly this episode was so “mama im in love with a broken boy/criminal” that i just felt so bad for him..

    2. let،s be clear about smth , porche knew what he was doing like a second ago he just resisted vegas smiled once he saw kinn and was actully doing the same to kinn as he was doing to him , ofcourse not leaving aside that we are watching a 21+ drama with a story line based on mafia members so im not surprised at all that the majority of the love making scenes will be like that , like vegaspete are not even here yet and we all know that its gonna be the most unpleasant love making scenes in this drama but we still know that somehow they will be drowning in love so as a conclusion be strong much more worse is coming we”re only half way in the drama , yeah and i luv ur opinion as in real life ofc u’re an amaing person

      1. Porshe was drunk. And yes he knew Vegas has feelings for him but didn’t expect him to take advantage of him. To him, Vegas is kind. And he was smiling because he was happy Kinn was there.
        Also, Porshe was being extremely careful here because he knows whatever the three of them do in this mission will affect the major family so they tries to stay out of trouble. He didn’t want to cause trouble for Kinn’s family. Although he was drunk, he still resisted. The three were having fun that “they could never have in Major family’s residence”. Take it as a culture shock.

        I dont know why but I’m scared of what that psycho Vegas will do to Pete. I hope he doesn’t hurt Pete like he did with that guy (the one he dressed like a scientist working on corrosive experiment). I can’t even handle blood or horror movies.

  11. Gets me everytime.
    My feet went cold then numb while watching the ending.Kinn and Porsche aiyuuu smiling ear to ear.


    also, i understand kinn’s trust issues but still, he shouldn’t have straight up judged porsche. am happy it’s solved though. and vegas, you are crossing your limit. don’t do these. just go get your man and leave kinn’s alone.

    + the kim-porchay moment was soo soft omg- my precious babies!


  13. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the whole time i was watching this i kept thinking, is this happening for real? like really?
    this BL series has unlocked Pandora’s box for the BL world.

  14. The end had me lowering my dam volume💀 also you know how manyy times i cried and through my phone on my bed😭 yea ep 8 gonna be wild

  15. I love how each episode is killing us for the new coming episode 😂 this is torture 😭😭😭 KinnPorsche 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. I’m speechless OMG this series is so beyond beautiful like WOW it’s so expensive and well done Thailand outdid itself with this one I’m so Inlove like apo and mile ate this up and the whole cast cinematography and story ahh kinnporsche going deep in my heart.
    As Twice said I get the feels for this series 💜💓💕!!

  17. Je jure Porsche il est beau, magnifique, cette série, c’est une pépite 😭❤👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

    1. I guess you ask for the [uncut version on iqiyi], honestly I begin seeing the series here, and out for curiosity check out the iqiyi version…. It’s no so different, I mean is question of seconds, basically in the last scene, more camera work in the angles, more artistc, really beautiful work!!
      But you can continue seeing in here, they do a great job!! It’s not like you miss a complete scene or anything 🙂

  18. OMG!!!!!!! Ep 07 ! JUST PUSH BL SERIES TO ANOTHER LEVEL ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Damn freaking so HOT !!!!!!!

    Porsch is so fu**ing handsome !

    Watching the last scene like 🫢🫣🫢🫣😲😶🫣🫢😯🫠 !!

    I still can’t believe what I‘ve witnessed for !!

    Holly molly sh*t !!!!

    Thumbs up KinnPorsch Team! Well fu**ing Done!

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