KinnPorsche (2022) Episode 8

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48 Comments to “KinnPorsche (2022) Episode 8

  1. I’m not usually a romantic person but this episode sent me to cloud nine with Kinn and Porsche interactions in the Café, holding hands in the street, hugging in the hallways of the house . 😍☁️🥰

  2. Maybe kinn let tawan go just like he let porsche go when they were lost and when the family found out tawan soled their info kinn’s father sent kinn to kill tawan but he couldn’t because he still loves him and he let him go

    1. Because this show isn’t just about the sex scenes, it is about the plot, the characters and their relationships. This episode was important to the plot, showing the calm before the storm plus it is a great into to Tawan’s character. Mile said that there will be a sex scene in either episode 8 or 9 depending on how things are sequenced, but it isn’t a given it will be in episode 9 as the actors don’t see the finished product until the premier obviously.

  3. Kinporshae is promoting korean drama 🤣but they made the funny drama into a horror drama🐸.loved this episode.. But can’t they just slow down in sex scenes..they are fucking so fast..And RIP to porshae’s shirts button🐸

    1. I don’t think he lied. He said: ‘i shoot him’…he never said ‘i killed him’ That were Vegas’words ‘he shoot him to death’. Everyone just assumed Tawan was dead….

      1. May be he DNT want to hurt Porsche with truth but I really wanna see them together this wait of 7 days is haunting me…

        Go away tawan

  4. seeing porsche happy for more than 5 minutes at a single time saved my life im so serious rn like i never thought i would see domestic kinnporsche in my entire life… angst starting up again next ep i see

  5. Épisode magnifique et tellement mignon 😭😭❤❤❤❤
    L’ex par contre faut pas il va venir nous fatigué 😑

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