Koi wa Deep ni (2021)


Nagisa Mio, an oceanographer at Shibaura University of Marine Science and Technology, is very interested in fishes and loves the sea. Despite her cheerful smile and kind, good-natured personality, she is reticent about her family and past. Hasuda Rintaro, the second son of a wealthy family, is feared by the people around him as he comes across as someone who is hard to approach. But beneath that armour is a young man with a pure heart and no airs. He has returned to Japan due to his father’s poor health and is put in charge of a marine resort development project. While Mio wants to protect the ocean and opposes the resort’s development, Rintaro is staking his life on it. These two people who seem as if they live in different worlds, meet each other over the project and eventually fall in love. However, theirs is a forbidden romance because Mio has a secret that will shock everyone.

Also known as: 恋はDeepに ; Love Deeply , Love is Deep , Koi wa Dipu ni


Status: Ongoing

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3 Comments to “Koi wa Deep ni (2021)

  1. what is the secret? forbidden love? will they discover that they have te same father ? LMAAO i don’t trust japanese dramas lol

  2. The plot seems to be same as the Chinese drama “my poseidon” or something like I forgot the drama name

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