Law School (2021)


A professor at a law school was killed. School professors and students become suspects in murder. In the process of investigating and searching for the killer, the heroes go their way to the realization of law and justice.

Yang Jong Hoon, a criminal law professor who used to be an elite prosecutor. His harsh words make him the No. 1 professor to avoid among the students, but there is something addictive about his strict teaching methods that refuses to accept less than the best from his future juniors in the legal profession.

Kang Sol, a first-year law student who overcame poverty and misfortune in childhood to gain special admission to the law school. She walks a path of thorns due to the constant sense of deprivation and shame compared to the wealth and talent around her, but her passion will teach her the truth about what it means to be a lawyer.

Han Joon Hwi, another first-year law student who is at the top of his class. He’s a natural leader whose good looks and easy charm make him the perfect man on paper. However, he has an unexpected side of him that he keeps hidden.

Kim Eun Sook, a civil law professor who used to be the head of the law school’s legal clinic for free legal services. Her natural air of authority and freewheeling personality gave her the reputation for being a master in court, and she is famous for being a relatable professor at the law school. She is also the only colleague in whom Yang Jong Hoon confides.

Also known as: 로스쿨 Loseukul

Airs from 04/14/2021 on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Dec 31, 2021

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28 Comments to “Law School (2021)

  1. guys ik some of you will want to become lawyers after watching this drama, listen to me DONT!!!!!! (if this only drama is the reason) its so damn hard at least for me, a burn out but if you are ready to sell your soul to the satan then go for it.

    1. I guess you think the same way as me. I have selected for law school but I don’t wanna be a lawyer. My parents are forcing me to go,so I thought I could make up my mind after watching this.

  2. I started this drama on netflix but never finish it 🙁 just because i got into other dramas….

  3. This whole series was on another level
    I didn’t even notice it wasn’t a romantic series till I finished,it was that gooddddddddddd???????♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
    I want Season 2 please ???♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. I am kang sol b??jk?she is a very talented person even though she is always serious and does not smile a lot in the episode but I love her character so much..ngl?overall it is an interesting show and a lot of suspense but worth to watch❤ Even if you do not understand anything about law..while watching it you will enjoy it

  5. This is so good to watch though I don’t know anything about law. It’s nice to watch. I just got here because of Kim Bum one of the actors in this drama. Thank you for the English subtitles.

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