Left-Handed Wife


This k-drama despicts a heart-wrenching love story between Lee Soo Ho (Kim Jin Woo) and Oh San Ha (Lee Soo Kyung). After their wedding, they go on a honeymoon. During their honeymoon, Lee Soo Ho has an accident and loses his momory. Oh San Ha does not know what happened to her husband and tries to find him. The young couple is not able to recognize each other despite being very close in distance. via @ asianviki


Status: Ongoing

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8 Replies to “Left-Handed Wife

  1. This drama needs to resolve. The recurring irresolution following resolutions is getting on my nerves. It isn’t intrigue, it is jerking viewers around with minutia-filled episodes and a plot so slow it’s like watching grass grow. Wind it up already!

  2. There is only one word for this drama…RIDICULOUS! It wears you out with minutia, nonsense, and poor acting (young female leads are TERRIBLE!) Started out good but was totally destroyed with excessive episodes that ran out of new ideas and kept recycling old ones to the point of ROFL. I almost always watch eve bad dramas to the end. This one…I couldn’t stand any longer. On a scale of 1-10, this drama gets a minus 6. Yep…that bad.

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