Link: Eat, Love, Die (2022) Episode 14

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36 Comments to “Link: Eat, Love, Die (2022) Episode 14

  1. Boringggggggggg. How did they manage to turn an interesting plot to something unbelievable borriiiiinnnngggg. The last 4 episodes were AWFUL. Sorry not my kinda of thing.

  2. gyehoon is acting like a jerk, theres no way I am putting up with him after this ep. he is getting on my nerves for real

  3. This drama turned very lame and repetitive. 🚮..

    Too many memories and recollections. Too much emphasis on nothing. Watching at 2x and still not fast and progressive enough.

    Very disappointing.

  4. You see how humans are the very thing that man did to his sister 18 yrs ago gyehoon legit did the same thing I’ve paused so far but he better not insult that man and ask him how he could be so wicked cause like 3 mins ago u saw the old man he asked u to help him u didnt know why but u started walking away prepared not to help him cause u were not in the mood to talk to anyone u see how this life is ..

  5. why woudnt someone help a girl who is asking for help???? that ajussi is defenetly an idiot!!!!!!

    1. Honestly there’s one thing i can still not believe like first he doesn’t even care to help a little girl crying for help and then he gets angry that people are judging him like he has no shame i say just die brooo!!

    2. You need to have no conscience to let a little girl in the middle of the night alone there, without even calling the police. A person like this would not have a bad conscience afterwards for 18 years. This doesn’t fit. The character contradicts itself. Not well written by the screenwriters. Same for the piano teacher, he is portrayed as a good proud person, but he saw the girl is injured, but didn’t even inform her parents?! No way! Very unrealistic. Also the cop said the piano teacher didn’t tell them he was working at a karoke bar, because he felt ashamed. But being called a child-murderer, even a pedophile is less a shame?! Makes no sense either.

    1. 16 episodes so the last episode comes out on tuesday but id prefer to watch it on wednesday or thursday for the subtitles lol

    2. 16 and the last episode comes out on tuesday. Its better to watch on thursday because both episodes are out and the subtitles will be out by then Lol

    1. The girl who never lived in that neighborhood, who had a little sister, with whom she grew up from the beginning is his sister?! LoL Also she doesn’t even look a bit like Gyehoon and has curly hair. … I still think it’s the female cop.

  6. bro why would he be mad at her, she was little and she wasn’t even conscious. like what she could’ve possibly done at the age of 10??? ofc you would wipe her tears, she was a victim too and endured sm trauma (back then and now). he shouldn’t blame her at all.

    1. i think he wasnt. It was just hard to grasp all that together. But if it turns out true then idk man. I found him mature for a male lead and I would be disappointed if that happens.

    2. He already told her in the episodes before that he doesn’t blame her because she was a child and a victim herself. The fact, that her mother didn’t turn herself in was just too much to handle for him. Being with her means seeing her mother permanently, whom he could not forgive….In episode 14 he gets back to her.

  7. Oh no, they tricked us with the female cop, I thought she is his sister.
    But the culprit said he harmed her. If it turns out that she died, this would be a bad ending.
    All the adults in the neighbourhood failed Gyeyoung that they.

      1. Nope, her family background is known,she had a sister and is older than Gyeyoung. Also she never lived in that neighbourhood. I am still thinking or hoping that it’s the female cop. Her looks and character machtes with lil Gyeyoungs.

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